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International Clinical Trials Day - 20 May

If you've ever taken aspirin or paracetamol then you have directly benefitted from a clinical trial Have you ever thought about what a clinical trial is? Or how, where, or, why they happen? Each... Read More

Long-term follow-up of heart patients shows statin therapy is safe

After a total of 16-years of follow-up, CTC's LIPID* trial has now shown clearly that the higher survival rate due to 6 years of statin treatment is sustained over a long period, mainly because of... Read More

New trial of medicinal cannabis for chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting

CTC is starting up a new trial to assess the use of medicinal cannabis to prevent nausea in people undergoing chemotherapy whose symptoms are not controlled by current drugs. The trial is part of... Read More

Published Research

Poor concordance between CA-125 and RECIST at the time of disease progression in patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer: analysis of the AURELIA trial

Annals of Oncology. Online 11 July 2016

Lindemann K, Kristensen G, Mirza MR, Davies L, Hilpert F, Romero I, Ayhan A, Burges A, Rubio MJ, Raspagliesi F, Huizing M, Creemers GJ, Lykka M, Lee CK, Gebski V, Pujade-Lauraine E

Biomarker development targeting unmet clinical needs

Clinical Chimica Acta. Online 5 Jul 2016

Monaghan PJ, Lord SJ, John AS, Sandberg S, Cobbaert CM, Lennartz L, Verhagen-Kamerbeek WD, Ebert C, Bossuyt PM, Horvath AR

TACTIC: a multicentre, open-label, single-arm phase II trial of panitumumab, cisplatin, and gemcitabine in biliary tract cancer

Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 24 June 2016

Ferraro D, Goldstein D, O'Connell RL, Zalcberg JR, Sjoquist KM, Tebbutt NC, Grimison P, McLachlan S, Lipton LL, Vasey P, Gebski VJ, Aiken C, Cronk M, Ng S, Karapetis CS, Shannon J

Shorter telomeres in adults with type 1 diabetes correlate with diabetes duration, but only weakly with vascular function and risk factors

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. 23 June 2016

Januszewski AS, Sutanto SS, McLennan S, O'Neal DN, Keech AC, Twigg SM, Jenkins AJ

The ProCare trial: a phase II randomised controlled trial of shared care for follow-up of men with prostate cancer

BJU International. Online 19 July 2016.

Emery JD, Jefford M, King M, Hayne D, Martin A, Doorey J, Hyatt A, Habgood E, Lim T, Hawks C, Pirotta M, Trevena L, Schofield P

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Concept Development Workshop for Trials and Translational Research Studies: 22 July 2016

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Masters in Clinical Trials Research

The Clinical Trials Research program was developed in response to t... Read More

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