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ACTA 2015 International Clinical Trials Symposium

The first ACTA 2015 International Clinical Trials Symposium will be held on 7-10 October 2015 in Sydney. CTC's Professor Tony Keech is the chair, ACTA Scientific Advisory Committee. He and his ACT... Read More

Promising treatment in current cancer trial

Positive preliminary results of a trial of regorafenib for advanced oesophagogastric cancer have been presented at the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium in San Francisco. The trial, INTEGRATE, i... Read More

Statin treatment reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in women

A large international study led by the CTC's Professor Tony Keech and Dr Jordan Fulcher has been published in The Lancet. It shows conclusively that statin treatment reduces the risk of cardiovasc... Read More

Published Research

EVERSUN: a phase 2 trial of alternating sunitinib and everolimus as first line therapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma

Annals of Oncology. Published online 24 Feb 2015.

Davis ID, Long A, Yip S, Espinoza D, Thompson JF, Kichenadasse G, Harrison M, Lowenthal RM, Pavlakis N, Azad A, Kannourakis G, Steer C, Goldstein D, Shapiro J, Harvie R, Jovanovic L, Hudson AL, Nelson CC, Stockler MR, Martin A

The impact of diabetes on the labour force participation, savings and retirement income of workers aged 45–64 years in Australia

PLoS One 2015; 10(2): e0116860

Schofield D, Cunich M, Kelly S, Passey ME, Shrestha R, Callander E, Tanton R, Veerman L

Dealing with the unknown: reducing the proportion of unvalidated treatments offered to children [editorial]

Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal and Neonatal Edition. Published online 18 Feb 2015

Wilkinson D, Chalmers I, Cruz M, Tarnow-Mordi W

Lower preoperative quality of life increases postoperative risk of adverse events in women with endometrial cancer: results from the LACE trial

Gynecologic Oncology. Published online 17 Feb 2015

Baker J, Janda M, Gebski V, Forder P, Hogg R, Manolitsas T, Obermair A

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Masters in Clinical Trials Research

The Clinical Trials Research program was developed in response to t... Read More

Masters degrees in biostatistics

The Biostatistics Collaboration Australia (BCA) offers Master of Bi... Read More