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World-first scientific meeting on new cancer treatment targets

Our DNA encodes for about 20,000 different proteins that are the machinery of life. Nearly all new proteins are chemically modified in different ways to control how, when and where they work. Pro... Read More

Australia-China collaborative milestone success

Late last year, chief investigators Professor Tony Keech, CTC, and Professor Weiping Jia, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, were successfully awarded the NHMRC-NSFC Joint Call for Research to Enhance... Read More

Congratulations John! 2016 NSW Premier's Award for Outstanding Cancer Researcher of the Year

On Friday 5th August 2016, CTC's founding director Professor John Simes was awarded the 2016 NSW Premier's Award for Outstanding Cancer Researcher of the Year. Prof Simes is a medical oncologist ... Read More

Published Research

Effect of delayed cord clamping on systemic blood flow: a randomized controlled trial

Journal of Pediatrics. Online 31 Aug 2016.

Popat H, Robledo KP, Sebastian L, Evans N, Gill A, Kluckow M, Sinhal S, de Waal K, Tarnow-Mordi W, Osborn D

Social dancing and incidence of falls in older adults: a cluster randomised controlled trial

PLoS Medicine 2016; 13(8): e1002112

Merom D, Mathieu E, Cerin E, Morton RL, Simpson JM, Rissel C, Anstey KJ, Sherrington C, Lord SR, Cumming RG

Safety and efficacy of vertebroplasty for acute painful osteoporotic fractures (VAPOUR): a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Lancet. Online 17 Aug 2016

Clark W, Bird P, Gonski P, Diamond TH, Smerdely P, McNeil HP, Schlaphoff G, Bryant C, Barnes E, Gebski V

Significance of baseline and change in quality of life scores in predicting clinical outcomes in an international phase III trial of advanced pancreatic cancer: NCIC CTG PA.3

Pancreatology. Online 8 Sep 2016.

Vickers MM, Lee C, Tu D, Wheatley-Price P, Parulekar W, Brundage MD, Moore MJ, Au H, O'Callaghan CJ, Jonker DJ, Ringash J, Goldstein D

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