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Aspirin lowers the risk of recurring blood clots in the INSPIRE study

27 August 2014 Professor John Simes, CTC director, appeared nationally on Channel 9 news and ABC radio yesterday to explain the implications of the news that low-dose aspirin reduces the ris... Read More

Women with diabetes respond to fenofibrate therapy as well as men

18 August 2014 CTC's collaborative FIELD trial has just found important new evidence on treatment to reduce cardiovascular risk in diabetes, published online in Diabetologia. The study was l... Read More

Published Research

Factors associated with survival in a large series of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma in New South Wales

British Journal of Cancer. Published online 4 Sep 2014

Linton A, Pavlakis N, O'Connell R, Soeberg M, Kao S, Clarke S, Vardy J, van Zandwijk N

Multiple chronic health conditions and their link with wealth assets

European Journal of Public Health. Published online 5 Sep 2014

Schofield DJ, Callander EJ, Shrestha RN, Passey ME, Kelly SJ, Percival R

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α protects capillary pericytes in the retina

American Journal of Pathology. Published online 6 Aug 2014

Ding L, Cheng R, Hu Y, Takahashi Y, Jenkins AJ, Keech AC, Humphries KM, Gu X, Elliott MH, Xia X, Ma JX

Probiotic supplementation for respiratory and gastrointestinal illness symptoms in healthy physically active individuals

Clinical Nutrition 2014; 33(4): 581–487

West NP, Horn PL, Pyne DB, Gebski VJ, Lahtinen SJ, Fricker PA, Cripps AW

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