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Proud of our long standing commitment to evidence on breast cancer

The internet has no shortage of advice and information on health and medicine, but much of it is conflicting, unsubstantiated, or biased. For reputable evidence on questions of health care many... Read More

World-first scientific meeting on new cancer treatment targets

Our DNA encodes for about 20,000 different proteins that are the machinery of life. Nearly all new proteins are chemically modified in different ways to control how, when and where they work. ... Read More

Australia-China collaborative milestone success

Late last year, chief investigators Professor Tony Keech, CTC, and Professor Weiping Jia, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, were successfully awarded the NHMRC-NSFC Joint Call for Research to Enh... Read More

Published Research

Plasma lipidomic profiles improve upon traditional risk factors for the prediction of cardiovascular events in type 2 diabetes

Circulation. Online 21 Oct 2016

Alshehry ZH, Mundra PA, Barlow CK, Mellett NA, Wong G, McConville MJ, Simes J, Tonkin AM, Sullivan DR, Barnes EH, Nestel PJ, Kingwell BA, Marre M, Neal B, Poulter NR, Rodgers A, Williams B, Zoungas S, Hillis GS, Chalmers J, Woodward M, Meikle PJ

Patients' and clinicians' preferences for adjuvant chemotherapy in endometrial cancer: an ANZGOG substudy of the PORTEC-3 intergroup randomised trial

British Journal of Cancer. Online 21 Oct 2016

Blinman P, Mileshkin L, Khaw P, Goss G, Johnson C, Capp A, Brooks S, Wain G, Kolodziej I, Veillard AS, O'Connell R, Creutzberg CL, Stockler MR

Brief report: Checkpoint inhibitors in metastatic EGFR mutated non-small-cell lung cancer—a meta-analysis

Journal of Thoracic Oncology. Online 22 Oct 2016

Lee CK, Man J, Lord S, Links M, Gebski V, Mok T, Yang JC

Higher skin autofluorescence in young people with type 1 diabetes and microvascular complications

Diabetic Medicine. Online 23 Oct 2016

Cho YH, Craig ME, Januszewski AS, Benitez-Aguirre P, Hing S, Jenkins AJ, Donaghue KC

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