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baby feet 1 free 5991262472440.jpgWhat is APTS?

What are the study procedures? 

What are we trying to find out?

How many babies are taking part? 

Coordination, Sponsorship and Funding


What is APTS?

The Australian Placental Transfusion Study is the largest ever randomised controlled trial of delayed cord clamping for premature infants. The study enrolled patients from 25 hospitals in seven countries around the world.

What are we trying to find out?

APTS aims to find out whether immediate cord clamping or delayed cord clamping is better for premature babies in the short term and the long term.


How many babies are taking part? 

We enrolled 1634 fetuses from women who were expected to deliver before 30 weeks of gestation, of which 1566 were born alive before 30 weeks. 

What are the study procedures?

The two arms of the trial comprise:
(a)    Immediate cord clamping, within 10 seconds after delivery
(b)    Delayed cord clamping, 60 seconds or more after delivery with the infant held below the level of the placenta.

We collected data about each baby on the study while they were in hospital. We also hope to follow-up families until their child is at least 2 years corrected age. We will collect data from both parents and the health professionals about how the APTS children walk, talk, see, hear and think.


Coordination, Sponsorship and Funding 

This multicentre trial is coordinated by the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney and is sponsored by the University of Sydney. Funding has been provided by the National Health and Medical Research Founcil (NHMRC) of Australia.


ANZCTR registration number: ACTRN12610000633088

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Participating sites



  • Canberra Hospital, ACT
  • Flinders Medical Centre, SA
  • John Hunter Hospital, NSW
  • King Edward Memorial Hospital, WA
  • Liverpool Hospital, NSW
  • Mater Mothers' Hospital, QLD
  • Mercy Hospital for Women, VIC
  • Monash Medical Centre, VIC
  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, QLD
  • Royal Hospital for Women, NSW
  • Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
  • The Townsville Hospital, QLD

New Zealand

  • Auckland City Hospital
  • Christchurch Hospital
  • Dunedin Hospital
  • Waikato Hospital
  • Wellington Hospital


  • Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan
  • Craigavon Area Hospital, UK
  • Hôpital Antoine-Béclère, France
  • IWK Health Centre, Canada
  • Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital, UK
  • Texas Children's Hospital, USA
  • University of Vermont Medical Centre, USA


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