The Biostatistics group contributes to the CTC's  research program by taking a strong leadership role in important areas, helping to shape the high-quality outcomes of trials. This includes: trial design and conduct, education, consulting and collaborative activities and publications. The biostatistics group also provides consulting services and a randomisation service for external studies.

Trial design and conduct

  • design and analysis of clinical trials
  • preparation of trial reports
  • contributing to publications of trial results in leading journals
  • developing new methods for trials (research projects)


  • leading and coordinating the Master of Clinical Trials (Research) program
  • coordinating units of study for the postgraduate degrees of the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia
  • coordinating units of study for the Master of Clinical Trials (Research)
  • leading concept-development and trial-development workshops
  • developing, writing and conducting short courses
  • running the external seminar program
  • developing workshops for internal and external researchers

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Consulting and collaborative activities

  • participation in independent safety and data monitoring committees
  • consulting with other research groups and investigators to assist with trial design, study conduct, analysis and reporting
  • collaborating with the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin
    • presenting workshops on design of trials from an introduction through to advanced statistical methods
    • conducting workshops with Menzies researchers to explore new research plans and to assist with study development, paving the way for collaborative trials in Aboriginal health

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Over the last 20 years the biostatistics group has led or contributed to over 200 publications, including a book on clinical trials.

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