Oncology Teams

Oncology trials teams


L-R: Rachel Cole, Daniel Obando, Eric Tsobanis, Ilka Kolodziej, Jenna Mitchell, Chris(tine) Aiken, Kate Taylor, Trevor France, Sonia Yip, Shona Silvester, Sophie Quiene, Nicole Wong, Kate Sawkins, David Cannan, Kate Wilson, Bernadette Tomes, Angus McDonald, Lesley Brassel, Danielle Miller, Fabyolla El-Tahche, Karen Miranda, Diana Winter, Hani Adhami, Burcu Vachan, Kerri Carlton, Alan Lucas, Wendy Hague, Oliver Martyn, Nick Muljadi

The oncology group is working to improve cancer-related care and outcomes for people affected by lung, brain, urogenital, prostate, gastrointestinal and gynaecological cancers.

The group and its associates include clinical investigators, biostatisticians, project managers, trial coordinators, clinical data managers and quality-assurance staff. The oncology program is led by:

  • Professor John Simes, Oncology Director contact
  • Associate Professor Martin Stockler, Co-Director Oncology contact
  • Dr Wendy Hague, Clinical Trials Program Director contact
  • Professor Val Gebski, Director of Biostatistics contact
  • Ms Burcu Vachan, Oncology Program Manager contact
  • Dr Katrin Sjoquist, Research Fellow contact

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Improving cancer care and outcomes in:

Brain cancer

Gastrointestinal cancer

Gynaecological cancer

Lung cancer

Urogenital and prostate cancer