Clinical trials teams

The CTC conducts investigator-initiated collaborative clinical trials research across a diverse portfolio of therapeutic areas, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, neonatal health and diabetes.

To view the profiles of the leaders of the clinical trials programs follow the links below:

  • Professor John Simes, CTC Director, Director Oncology Trials contact
  • Professor Anthony Keech, CTC Deputy Director, Director Diabetes and Cardiovascular Trials contact
  • Dr Wendy Hague, Clinical Trials Program Director contact
  • Professor Val Gebski, Director of Biostatistics contact
  • Associate Professor Martin Stockler, Co-Director Oncology contact
  • Professor William Tarnow-Mordi, Clinical Director Neonatal Trials contact
  • Ms Burcu Vachan, Oncology Program Manager contact

To view information about the dedicated teams for these clinical trials, click on the links below.