Clinical data management

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L-R: Mark Maclean, Ilka Kolodziej, Liam Murphy, Salma Fahridin
(Sandhya Waghulde and Nicole McKay not pictured)

The CTC's high-quality research is underpinned by the collection and management of high-quality data. The Clinical Data Management team, led by Mark Maclean, provides services for CTC trials including:

  • advice and consulting for the definition, collection, and management of clinical study data
  • electronic data collection, especially the design and implementation of electronic case report forms tailored to each study
  • collection and processing of patient-reported outcomes data, for example, quality of life instruments
  • development of clinical data systems for randomisation, trial supply management, and bespoke data systems for clinical trials

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To access the electronic data collection systems for your trial, click here.

We are always interested in connecting with people working to achieve high-quality data collection and management.

As well as advice on the variety of systems available for clinical data collection, eCRF, and randomisation, the Clinical Data Management team can also develop randomisation and data collection systems for non-CTC trials on a contract basis.    

For general enquiries about clinical data management, or if you are interested in joining the team, please email us.