Timely publication of trial results

How long should it take from the end of a clinical trial to publication of the results?

14 June 2013

Associate Professor Lisa Askie, who leads the systematic reviews and health technology assessment team at the CTC and manages the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry, discusses this issue in MJA Insight.

"It would seem self-evident that publishing the results of research as soon as is feasible is a scientific, ethical and moral imperative."

"Scientifically, it allows others in the field to recalibrate the current state of knowledge with the new findings and plan future research in appropriate directions. Ethically and morally, researchers have a responsibility to their trial's participants to ensure that the information willingly shared is added to the public record and thus furthers scientific knowledge."

But there can be reasons for a delay in publication and sometimes it is wise not to rush it.

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