New CTC trial results presented at ASCO

New CTC trial results, including a simple skin cancer preventive, presented at American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting

Andrew Martin, CTC senior biostatistician, presented results of the ONTRAC study at the meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago on Saturday, 30 May.

ONTRAC was a phase III trial showing that oral nicotinamide significantly reduced the formation of new nonmelanoma skin cancers compared with placebo in patients with severely sun-damaged skin. It was a University of Sydney study led by Dr Diona Damian from the Department of Dermatology.

This presentation was a highlight of the meeting and its important results have been reported widely.

The results of the CTC's trials, CABARET (advanced glioblastoma, brain cancer) and INTEGRATE (oesophagogastric cancer) were also announced at ASCO.

References to all CTC ASCO presentations follow. Full details of each presentation are available from the search page here.

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2 June 2015