Diabetes research award

Fostering exceptional researchers

Congratulations to CTC's Associate Professor Anandwardhan Hardikar, who was one of two recipients successfully, awarded a Career Development Award from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The award aims to provide crucial support to build the next generation of innovative leaders of type 1 diabetes research by providing salary and research project funding for 4 years.  Recipients are exceptional researchers who propose highly innovative clinical research that has the potential to transform existing paradigms in preventing, treating or curing type 1 diabetes.

Awardees must be within 15 years after receiving their PhD or equivalent and need to demonstrate a promising track record of achievements appropriate to their career stage. The awards will help them to become established as future leaders in the field.

"With a strong focus on innovation in clinical research, this award will deliver benefits to the type 1 diabetes community, and invest in high-achieving researchers who are the future leaders of type 1 diabetes  research." said Dr Dorota Pawlak, Director of the Australian Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network and head of research development at JDRF Australia.

Recognition and support of Professor Hardikar's work is very well deserved as his research strives to positively influence the lives of people with type 1 diabetes.

Read more about Associate Professor Hardikar here

20 Jan 2016