CTC Project Grants successes for 2012

NHMRC CTC Project Grants success

  • GAP-T
  • iTOOL
  • PORTEC-3
: Phase III trial of Concurrent and Adjuvant Temozolomide chemotherapy in non-1p/19q deleted anaplastic glioma
Investigators: CIA- Professor Anna Nowak, CIB- Professor Mark Rosenthal, CIC Professor John Simes, CID- Doctor  Gail Ryan, CIE- Doctor  Katharine Drummond, AI- Elizabeth Hovey, AI- Robyn Leonard, AI- Trevor France

Amount awarded: TBC

Title: Generating evidence of reduced rates of overweight/obesity in children: value adding to four established Australasian early intervention trials
Investigators: CIA- Doctor Lisa Askie, CIB- Professor Louise Baur, CIC- Doctor Karen Campbell, CID- Professor Lynne Daniels, CIE- Professor Barry Taylor, CIF- Doctor Li Ming Wen, CIG- Doctor Kylie Hesketh, CIH- Doctor Anthea Magarey, CII- Associate Professor Rachael Taylor, CIJ- Doctor Andrew Martin, AI- Chris Rissel, AI- John Simes, AI- Seema Mihrshahi
Amount awarded: $187, 018

Title: Personalising care in operable pancreas cancer. GAP-T: a study  of imaging and molecular biomarkers to guide treatment of patients receiving preoperative chemotherapy followed by surgery.

Investigators: CIA-Associate Professor Andrew Barbour, CIB-Professor David Goldstein, CIC-Professor Rodney Hicks, CID-Professor James Kench, CIE-Doctor David Chang, CIF-Doctor Sonia Yip, CIG-Mr Chris Brown, AI- Andrew Biankin, AI- Andrew Cameron

Amount awarded: $391,175

Title: Evaluation of a web-based tool for estimating and explaining prognosis in advanced cancer

Investigators: CIA- Doctor Belinda Kiely, CIB- Associate Professor Martin Stockler, CIC- Professor Phyllis Butow, CID- Professor Martin Tattersall, CIE- Professor John Simes, AI- Gary Ashton-Jones, AI- Remy Sage, AI- Sally Crossings

Amount awarded: TBC


: Chemoradiation and adjuvant chemotherapy versus radiation alone in high risk and advanced stage endometrial carcinoma

Investigators: CIA Doctor Linda Mileshkin, CIB Professor Michael Quinn, CIC Doctor Pearly Khaw, CID Associate Professor Carien Creutzberg, CIE Associate Professor Martin Stockler, CIF Doctor Alison Brand, CIG Doctor Julie Martyn, CIH Doctor Katrin Sjoquist, AI- Carol Johnson, AI- Jessica Faggian, AI- Kailash Narayan, AI- Prunella Blinman

Amount awarded: TBC