Australia-China collaborative milestone success

Australia-China collaborative milestone success

Late last year, chief investigators Professor Tony Keech, CTC, and Professor Weiping Jia, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, were successfully awarded the NHMRC-NSFC Joint Call for Research to Enhance Prediction and Improve the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in China and Australia Scheme for the project entitled Biomarkers for risk and outcomes of type 2 diabetes: a discovery and validation approach in Australian and Chinese subjects.

The 18 August 2016 marked an important milestone in this collaborative research project with the first face to face meeting of the team, hosted by Professor Jia at the 6th People's Hospital, Shanghai China. CTC was represented by Professor Tony Keech, Professor Alicia Jenkins, Professor Val Gebski, A/Professor Anand Hardikar and Dr Andrzej Januszewski.  

On the first day, after introductions were made, the team shared their experiences and findings from each of their large cohort studies (SHDS, CRISPS and FIELD). From this, they outlined and shared ideas and insights to further explore and validate biomarkers and statistical analyses which could be conducted on selected patient cohorts.

On Friday 19 August, a successful MasterClass in Diabetes and Vascular Disease was held with approximately 100 clinicians and medical students from Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital and other hospitals.

The second face to face meeting is scheduled to take place in April 2017 when the CTC looks forward to hosting Professor Jia and her colleagues here in Sydney. 

We are excited to share the outcomes of the research and forthcoming shared learnings and developments from this important and vital collaboration.


29 August 2016