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More funds for clinical trials and an award for BOOST II

There was double good news for clinical trials this morning at the ACTA Clinical Trials 2017: National Tribute and Awards Ceremony held at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. First, federal Minister for Health, Hon. Greg Hunt, had further details of the recent budget announcement of $33 million of the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) to boost clinical trials activity in Australia. A d... Read More

Celebrating our clinical trials history with oranges

Today, CTC is celebrating International Clinical Trials Day. We like to keep in touch with our history, so we are celebrating with oranges. Lessons in history Each year the world celebrates International Clinical Trials Day on 20 May. On this day in 1747, Scottish naval surgeon, James Lind, started his trial, which made the link between citrus fruit and scurvy prevention; it was th... Read More

People at very high risk of melanoma would benefit from monitoring

Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world. A newly published study has shown that for people at very high risk, specialised surveillance clinics would cut costs and improve health outcomes, as melanoma would be detected earlier and fewer unnecessary biopsies would be done. The study had 500 participants who were at very high risk because they had had melanoma alr... Read More