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Dr Mbathio Dieng with A/Prof Rachael Morton

HEALTH ECONOMICS: CTC Research Fellow wins Prestigious University of Sydney Prize

31 May 2018 Congratulations to the CTC's Mbathio Dieng, who has won a prestigious University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine Award for her PhD research into managing stress and fear of cancer... Read More

NEONATOLOGY: CTC’s Life-Saving Placental Transfusion Study Wins National Award

16 May 2018 - The NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre's Professor William Tarnow-Mordi has received the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance 'Trial of the Year' Award, Australia's premier award r... Read More

NEONATOLOGY: Wait a minute! Clamping the umbilical cord later saves preterm babies' lives

Thousands of preterm babies could be saved by waiting 60 seconds before clamping the umbilical cord after birth instead of clamping it immediately, according to two international studies suppor... Read More

CARDIOVASCULAR: Award for excellence and outstanding achievements in medical research

CTC's deputy director, Tony Keech, has been awarded the RPA Foundation Medal 2017. The medal, with $50,000 to go toward research, is presented annually by Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Syd... Read More

ONCOLOGY: CTC Director receives award from the Vice-Chancellor

Professor John Simes, CTC director, has just been awarded the University of Sydney's Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence. It acknowledges his exceptional research at the university. He is... Read More

ONCOLOGY: The cost of new drugs for cancer is creating challenges for patients and their doctors

When drugs are not subsidised by the government, and a doctor feels that a drug would be worthwhile, another way of paying must be found. Some of these treatments are very expensive. In some c... Read More
Cell Culture

ONCOLOGY: The AUTO-CHECK study: Investigating the molecular determinants of AUTO-immunity and immune-related adverse events in advanced cancer patients treated with immune CHECKpoint inhibitors

Immune checkpoint inhibitors are active in a variety of cancers. The hypothesis of AUTOCHECK is that cancer patients with a genetic susceptibility to autoimmunity are more likely to experience imm... Read More

Published Research

HEALTH ECONOMICS: Use of shared care and routine tests in follow-up after treatment for localised cutaneous melanoma

BMC Health Services 20 June 2018

Wei-Yin Lim, RM Turner, RL Morton, MC Jenkins, L Irwig et al

INTEGRATED EVIDENCE: Association between oxygen saturation targeting and death or disability in extremely preterm infants in the Neonatal Oxygenation Prospective Meta-analysis Collaboration

JAMA 6 June 2018

Askie LM, Darlow BA, Finer N, et al

DIABETES: Effect of Fenofibrate on Uric Acid and Gout in Type 2 Diabetes: A Post-hoc Analysis of the Randomised, Controlled FIELD Study

Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. Online 26 February 2018.

Waldman B, Ansquer J-C, Sullivan DR, Jenkins AJ, McGill N, Buizen L, Davis TME, Best JD, Li P, Feher MD, Foucher C, Kesaniemi YA, Flack J, d’Emden MC, Scott RS, Hedley J, Gebski V, Keech AC, on behalf of the FIELD Investigators.

HEALTH ECONOMICS: Patient Preferences for Follow-up After Recent Excision of a Localized Melanoma

JAMA Dermatology. Online 28 February 2018.

Lim W-Y, Morton RL, Turner RM, Jenkins MC, Guitera P, Irwig L, Webster AC, Dieng M, Saw RPM, Low D, Low C, Bell KJL.

ONCOLOGY: Survival outcomes for Australian women receiving trastuzumab for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer following (neo)adjuvant trastuzumab: a national population-based observational study (2006-2014)

British Journal of Cancer. Online 15 Nov 2017

Daniels B, Kiely BE, Houssami N, Lord SJ, Dobbins T, Lu CY, Ward RL, Pearson SA

NEONATOLOGY: Delayed versus immediate cord clamping in preterm infants

New England Journal of Medicine. Online 29 Oct 2017

Tarnow-Mordi W, Morris J, Kirby A, Robledo K, Askie L, Brown R, Evans N, Finlayson S, Fogarty M, Gebski V, Ghadge A, Hague W, Isaacs D, Jeffery M, Keech A, Kluckow M, Popat H, Sebastian L, ... Simes J.

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