Lisa Askie

Position: Director Sys Reviews & Health Tech Assess
Group: MFB L6 - ANZCTR,Neonatal
Phone: 9562 5040
Fax: 9565 1863
Location: Level 6
92-94 Parramatta Rd
Camperdown NSW 2050
Address: K25 - Medical Foundation Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia




Associate Professor Askie leads the Systematic Reviews and Health Technology Assessment team at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, which manages the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry, includes an MSAC evaluation group, hosts two Cochrane Collaboration entities (Breast Cancer Review Group and Prospective Meta-analysis Methods Group), and has an extensive test evaluation research program. 

Lisa's clinical background is in perinatal medicine and she has worked in healthcare systems in Asia, Australia, the UK and USA. She has masters and doctoral qualifications in epidemiology from the Faculty of Medicine, and is a Senior Research Fellow and an NHMRC Career Development Fellow at the University of Sydney. 

Associate Professor Askie has a longstanding interest in the conduct and methodology of clinical trials and systematic reviews. She has been involved with the Cochrane Collaboration since 1996 as a systematic review author and trainer. She is the co-convenor of the Cochrane Prospective Meta-analysis Methods Group and a member of the Cochrane Methods Editorial Board. She was awarded an NHMRC Sidney Sax postdoctoral fellowship to Oxford where she undertook a meta-analysis of antiplatelets to prevent pre-eclampsia using individual patient data from over 38,000 women. She and her team are currently involved in nine international individual-patient-data and prospective meta-analysis collaborations. Associate Professor Askie has published over 50 scientific papers and is a member of various health and academic advisory boards.


Systematic reviews, meta-analysis, health technology assessment, individual participant data meta-analysis, prospective meta-analysis, prospective trial registration

CV and publications:

Key publications

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