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ALaCart rectal cancer trial

The ALaCart rectal surgery trial was selected by the American Society of Clinical Oncology for inclusion in Clinical Cancer Advances 2017, the society's annual review of progress against cancer and emerging trends in the field. The study has been featured as one of the year's major achievements internationally in clinical cancer research and care.  The ALaCart trial, a collaboration of ... Read More

People at very high risk of melanoma would benefit from monitoring

Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world. A newly published study has shown that for people at very high risk, specialised surveillance clinics would cut costs and improve health outcomes, as melanoma would be detected earlier and fewer unnecessary biopsies would be done. The study had 500 participants who were at very high risk because they had had melanoma already or ... Read More

Career Achievement Award for John Simes

John Simes, director of CTC, has been honoured by an accolade from his colleagues in cancer research for his achievements over broad areas of leadership, advocacy, research, and teaching-the Cancer Research Network's 10th Anniversary Career Achievement Award. Among his many lifetime achievements, he has helped establish or develop 6 national cancer research groups, which run high-quality clin... Read More