Congratulations John Simes

Career Achievement Award for John Simes

John Simes, director of CTC, has been honoured by an accolade from his colleagues in cancer research for his achievements over broad areas of leadership, advocacy, research, and teaching-the Cancer Research Network's 10th Anniversary Career Achievement Award.

Among his many lifetime achievements, he has helped establish or develop 6 national cancer research groups, which run high-quality clinical trials in areas of need, often in collaboration with CTC. He is one of the founding and current leaders of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (the peak body for advancing trial research in Australia's health system) and the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry. He is also director of Sydney Catalyst, a consortium of 500 clinicians and researchers working to translate scientific discoveries rapidly into policy and clinical practice.

Under his leadership over the last 30 years CTC has played a key role in over 50 national and international trials networks that have enrolled over 80,000 patients in over 100 trials.

John Simes's research interests include evaluating more effective treatments for cancer and other diseases, improving research methods, and integrating evidence to improve clinical decision making. He has co-authored many scientific papers, which have so far been cited in scholarly journals over 30,000 times.


29 November 2016