Careers at the CTC

The CTC  offers exciting career paths in an academic research environment focused on improving health outcomes through high-quality clinical trials research.  

We have the facilities and expertise necessary to coordinate and conduct multicentre and multinational clinical trials involving a diverse range of medical and community-based health interventions. Our staff currently pursue careers in areas including:

  • academic research in oncology, cardiovasular medicine, diabetes, and neonatology
  • biostatistics
  • clinical data management
  • clinical research operations
  • health economics
  • health technology/healthcare assessment.

Many of our current team have had rewarding careers spanning 20 years, and newcomers can expect to learn about clinical research from experts. A multidisciplinary approach is strongly encouraged and supported, and opportunity is provided to gain experience in all aspects of clinical trials operations.

Our staff are appointed through the University of Sydney's Enterprise Agreement. Working at the CTC  provides many advantages, including flexible work arrangements, generous employee benefits and a stimulating work environment.

Scholarships, higher degress by research and fellowships are also available from time to time. To view available research education opportunities, please click here


Currently advertised CTC job postings:

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